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Tracksuit Audio is a music production service for Advertising, Film & Online, based in Melbourne, Australia.

We’re a dedicated team of musicians and producers who specialise in composition and post-production. We’re industry professionals with over 20 years of sound experience across film, TV, online content and radio.


The team have worked with some of Australia’s biggest bands, often performing live, and are one of few studios using a sea of incredible vintage equipment.


We work closely with our clients to understand the brief, and capture a brand experience through music – working meticulously to arrive at the final result.


Our aim is to deliver the best results for our clients. We know how important communication is in arriving at the best work, which is why we’re always available to talk through your ideas, help you tackle challenges, and enjoy the process.

As a full-service studio, we offer the following services under one roof:

• Music composition & production

• Sound design


• Sound effects


• Audio post-production


• Voice casting, recording and mixing

• Music editing

Re-arranging existing music


All aspects of post-production

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